While visits and phone calls made by volunteers involved with the CASA Program can be counted, it is impossible to measure the effect an advocate has in a child’s life. I am convinced that advocates make a substantial, sustained difference for children in Foster care. Without your guidance and support, I would have never been able to function as an advocate. I am so grateful for the opportunity you have given me to be involved with children in such a meaningful way.”

-K. R. (CASA Volunteer)

“I am so grateful to receive such a profound sense of service on the SDMC panel, since the least fortunate of our society need our ability to “speak out” for them. SDMC serves staffs and clients to empower very vulnerable people in getting much needed health care. Thank you for this privilege to serve in this way; to lift others up as a public benefactor. That’s what our society needs: institutions that encourage others! Thank you!”

~M.A. (LIDRC Volunteer)

Volunteers and interns are an important part of the EAC Network family. Each year, dozens of students from area colleges and universities assist in case management and service provision to the more than 71,000 people EAC Network serves each year. Over 300 on-going community volunteers monitor children in foster care, become mentors for children, mediate disputes between neighbors, arbitrate auto lemon-law cases, or give relief to people caring for frail elderly family members.

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EAC Network offers Internships in Nassau, Suffolk and NYC:

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Intern-Volunteer Placement Options – NYC Programs

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