“I’ve learned to be patient and not give up on myself. I also learned how to write up a resume, dress right for a job interview, how to prepare for a job interview, and how to act on a job interview.  EAC Network has prepared me for work and and opportunity to go to school an make something out of myself.   I am so happy that there is a program like this because it brought me back to life and gave me something to live for.” -A.D.

Our Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors assist clients in developing vocational plans based on all or some of the following: educational/employment history, medical needs, legal history, substance abuse assessment, family background, values, expressed interests, motivation, and vocational test information. Career exploration and job readiness activities may also be included. This service is provided primarily on site at drug treatment agencies where clients are in treatment.
EAC Network provides assistance to staff of drug treatment agencies in Nassau County regarding the development of educational and vocational programs, assessment of clients’ educational and vocational needs and the identification of appropriate resources.

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