“There are a few things I learned while being in the TASC Program. I met wonderful people who believed in me, and believe in second chances (sometimes 3rd). I learned that in life no matter how bad you screw up there is always a way to make things right and, 99% of the time, there is a second chance. When I was sitting in jail, kicking heroin, facing a bunch of charges, some felonies, TASC gave me a second chance. They took me out of jail, put me in a long term rehab where I spent 8 ½ months; which I really needed. They were there with me when I got out, they guided me in the right direction and they supervised me to make sure I didn’t slip back into old habits. They helped me become the young man I am today. I am so thankful for TASC – they literally saved my life. I learned it is possible to kick a drug habit. You just need help sometimes.  The staff truly does believe in each and every one of their clients. They take pride in what they do and they help change lives every day. I thank them for that. I’ll never forget what you guys helped me accomplish. I don’t know where I would be today without TASC. Thanks again.”  – W.D., a client of Suffolk TASC

The Suffolk TASC Program includes assessment of an offender’s addiction, a determination of the most appropriate treatment placement, referral to treatment and monitoring for the courts. Offenders with a history of violent crimes or who are currently charged with a violent crime are ineligible to participate in TASC.  TASC does not accept offenders with a history of inappropriate or illegal sexual acts, arson, or severe mental illness.  Offenders must have a current history of substance abuse and be willing to enter treatment for a minimum of 12 months.

Potential participants are identified by referral from the Court, a Defense Attorney, the District Attorney, Probation, or Parole. A treatment plan is developed by TASC staff and presented to the Court for its approval.  TASC clients are monitored by staff with an expertise in substance abuse, and regular reports are presented to the Court outlining client progress. Persons not in compliance with all conditions of the TASC treatment plan are returned to the Court for criminal processing.

Suffolk TASC staff is comprised of dedicated professionals delivering screening, assessment, referral and case management services. In recent years, there has been increasing awareness of the value of Treatment Alternatives for Safer Communities (TASC) program services as a means to identify suitable offenders with substance abuse problems for diversion.  TASC services positively influence numerous offenders to acknowledge their substance abuse problems, undergo treatment and counseling, and comply with terms and conditions of their release.  TASC programs provide essential support and coordination of service delivery to achieve successful reintegration of participants to their respective communities.

Download our brochure: Suffolk TASC Brochure

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