“I was always active, and never gave much thought to my health.  But, about 7 years ago I found out I had diabetes.  I tried to follow my doctor’s orders for diet, medication and exercise, but it wasn’t easy.  Then I hurt my knee and that made it even harder to go out and do anything.  I figured all of this was just part of getting older, but it made me feel tired and a little depressed.   I heard about the Living Healthy program at my local library.  I decided to give it a try.  I’m so glad I did. This wasn’t a lecture…it was an interactive discussion with brainstorming and sharing ideas.  We were all helping each other and ourselves at the same time.  I learned better ways to deal with my pain and fatigue.  The relaxation techniques were great, and I still use them.  I also learned about communicating better with my doctors and my family members and we talked about things like eating better, improving my strength and understanding new treatment options. This program has given me a new sense of being in control of my symptoms and my life, and that is priceless.” A.V.

The Senior Health Promotion program is designed to promote health and wellness among Nassau County’s elderly population. This includes a range of health and fitness programs along with medical assessments, health education, medication management, and the implementation of an evidence-based chronic disease self-management program.

Group classes, led by specialists in exercise, yoga, dancing, tai chi, creative arts, and music, promote physical activity, social interaction and mental acuity. Last year our programs were held at more than 40 senior centers, senior clubs and other locations in Nassau County.



Read what what one client said about a class she recently took:
Rejuvenating a Passion for Painting


Registered nurses provide ongoing, one-on-one health counseling and assessment. The Medication Management program, offered in cooperation with St. John’s University College of Pharmacy and Allied Professions, educates seniors about their prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Senior Health Promotion also administers Living Healthy, an evidence-based program for seniors living with a chronic disease or caring for someone with a chronic disease. Topics include dealing difficult emotions; healthy food choices; maintaining and improving strength and flexibility; effective communication with family, friends and physicians; and evaluating new health treatments.


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