FEATURED STORIES: “I am expecting my first child any minute now and the idea that I have yet to install a car seat properly crossed my mind and I started to panic. After one phone call to the office, I had an appointment to meet with them the very next day. Angela and Rachel not only showed me how to properly install my car seat, but they didn’t want me to leave until I felt comfortable doing it myself. As I drove away I took a deep breath and realized how lucky I was to learn about the program when I did. I would encourage all parents to make the call as you will learn more safety tips that you realize. Thank you!” – C.B.

“The Safe Start Program is an AMAZING resource! At 7 1/2 months my son was close to outgrowing his infant seat and my husband and I were struggling with properly and safely installing the convertible car seat. After some phone calls and internet searching I found EAC Safe Start and had an appointment quickly. My certified technician was Angela and she was great…thorough, informative and friendly! I will definitely be spreading the word about the program!” – D.B.

 The SAFE START Program coordinates with the Department of Health’s Injury Prevention Program to provide educational information to the public. Our bi-lingual outreach coordinators visit the Infant Women and Children sites and conduct educational workshops on child passenger safety. In addition to educating caregivers, staff conducts safety checks on site. Staff checks for product re-calls and adjusts harness straps if needed with the parents’ participation. The goals of SAFE START are to promote the safety of all children in motor vehicles and reducing the number of children riding unrestrained. One of the major components of this program is reaching out to the community and conducting educational workshops.

Permanent fitting stations located in Nassau & Suffolk County provide families with an opportunity to have their safety seats inspected by certified technicians to ensure correct installation. The SAFE START van provides staff the tools needed to operate a mobile fitting station while promoting our efforts to ensure children are safely strapped in.

Download our brochure: SAFE START brochure

“I am a Parenting Specialist at a Mother & Child Program on Long Island.  I work with women and preschool aged children who have no income and are supported by social services.  From time to time we transport the mothers and children in our agency vehicle.  I was concerned that the mothers weren’t properly installing the car seats into our agency vehicle.  I was also concerned as many of the women had car seats that were donated or ones that were handed down from a family member or older child.  I contacted EAC’s Safe Start Program to set up a Workshop for the mothers to have their children’s car seats inspected and to learn how to properly install the car seats into our agency vehicle.  At first the women were resistant to the workshop, but once they got outside and worked one on one with Angela, the Senior Community Outreach Coordinator from EAC they became very involved in learning the correct way to install their children’s car seats.  The women were so grateful that their babies now have safe car seats and that they know how to properly install them.  Thank you on behalf of all the women and children in the program.” J.K


Watch the Buckle Up NY! campaign video here.


In the blink of an eye, a beautiful California day turned upside-down, literally. Christine Lopez and her five year old daughter Leilani were in a terrible crash; their SUV flipped over and landed on its roof. But it wasn’t just luck that kept them safe that day. Learn more about the factors that went into keeping Christine and Leilani safe by reading “Saving Leilanihere.

“Saving Leilani” tells the story of how this mother and daughter walked away from a crash that could have easily been fatal if Christine had made a few different decisions. Fortunately, Christine went to a car seat inspection event just four days prior to the crash. What she learned at this event played a role in keeping her family safe and sound.

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