Peer Mediation Training

 “Resolving problems peacefully is a skill some people never master, even over the course a lifetime.  The students gained new insight into the consequences, negative and positive, associated with being a leader among their contemporaries. EAC’s Gregg Scheiner skillfully facilitated the learning process for these young men and women and the importance that they understand that while conflict is a natural part of their lives, the way we resolve those conflicts has the potential to impact our lives forever.” – Janice Miles, Executive Director, Concerned Citizen’s for Roslyn’s Youth


Benefits of Peer Mediation Training:

  • Improves school climate
  • Resolves student conflicts
  • Motivates students to resolve their conflicts collaboratively
  • Deepens the educational impact of school
  • Creates more time for learning
  • Empowers Students
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Provides leadership and communication skills
  • Teaches essential life skills

 Benefits of having a Peer Mediation Program in Your School:

School Staff

  • Staff spends less time settling disputes
  • Decreases the pressure on teachers to serve as a constant disciplinarian
  • Improves overall school climate through better student-staff relationships


  • Become active in the problem-solving process
  • Leads to greater commitment to making solutions work
  • Provides Positive Role Models for solving conflict
  • Assume greater responsibility for solving their own dispute
  • Mediation process encourages students to share their feelings and search for constructive ways to meet their needs.

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