“It opened up my eyes on how to communicate with my daughter and to listen more to what she has to say. I’m someone who used to keep everything inside and now I communicate more.  The instructors were great, always had an answer, were never rattled and always very professional.” -T. S.

“The parenting techniques I learned in this course changed our lives.  The most valuable lesson I learned was that parenting is all about being consistent.”  -S. S.

“Although a few words does not add up to the tremendous help I was able to acquire from this class, it was very informative.  I cannot thank EAC enough for guiding me in the right direction.”  -F. C.


LIPI Class Schedule- FALL 2016

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The mission of the Long Island Parenting Institute (LIPI) is to enhance outcomes for children by helping parents of children of all ages learn and practice effective parenting skills. Using research-proven curriculum and approaches, LIPI teaches, supports and empowers families from all socio-economic backgrounds and cultures. LIPI offers a wide range of multi-session classes, one-day workshops, and other training formats covering topics of interest to parents (i.e. positive communication, cooperative parenting, computer crimes, advocacy in the schools, children’s mental health, and more).

LIPI collaborates with various other service providers on Long Island to offer needed services for families. Services can be provided at community centers such as libraries or other social service agencies to facilitate access to information and support. Furthermore, LIPI works closely with the Department of Social Services and Family Court to assist families seeking training and information about parenting and child development.

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