“Enhanced Supervised Visitation has helped me in many ways with my twin boys. We have my visit every Tuesday which helps me bond with my children. During my visits with my boys I read to them and play in the play kitchen with them showing them how to make different foods. The boys love to color on the chalkboard and I make it educational for them as well by showing them how to write their names, letters, and numbers. They like to play with the cars and trucks and dance to the music which the staff provides. EAC Network has taken my children and me on various community outings during our visits  – restaurants, the park and the pool when the weather was nice.  Working with Enhanced Supervised Visitation has taught me a lot in regards to becoming a parent. I am more aware of my children’s developmental needs and picking up on their cues.  EAC has helped me to become more responsible and also to know that I can do things on my own without help. They have given me support and have been there for me when I was going through tough times and felt I had no one in my corner. When I was struggling to buy Christmas gifts for my children EAC Network stepped in and helped me by donating toys enabling me to give my children the Christmas that they deserve. EAC Network provides safe and reliable transportation for my children and a safe and clean place for my visits to take place. I am thankful to EAC Network for all of their hard work and patience with working with me and my children.” – R.L.


Enhanced Supervised Visitation assists children in dealing with the trauma of foster care placement through supervised visits with their parents. At the same time, Family Coaches help parents with concrete parenting skill development and permanency planning goals designed to facilitate the child(ren)’s return home. Goals for the family’s participating in the program are developed with the parents, foster parents, caseworker and EAC Network staff.

Initial visits between parents and children take place at EAC Network’s facility in Ronkonkoma. As parents make progress, visits move from facility-based to community-based, with the final step of in-home supervised visits as the family moves toward reunification. Feedback is provided to parents and DSS as the family moves through the program.

Download our brochure: Enhanced Supervised Visitation brochure

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