“Hello Mrs. Goodson,

 I just received your message last night. I have wanted to give you a call for a while now to update you but just haven’t had the time. We have moved out of the hotel and found a 3 bedroom house that we are renting. The landlord wasn’t going to give it to us at first. He said he wasn’t comfortable renting to us because my husband was the only one working at the time and we had not so strong credit ratings and scores. We left after the interview, got five blocks away, and he called us back and changed his mind! I was blessed with a car free and clear on Easter Sunday, two weeks after we got our place! I stayed at my internship for one month only but that was because the place that I interned for in 2010 called me back for a two week assignment that turned out to be paid and then decided to hire me at the end of the completion of the assignment. My family and I are blessed beyond belief and I thank you and Mr. Charles for all of your help and words of encouragement and thank God that I was able to meet with you guys.  Please pass on this good news as I appreciate you both. I will definitely keep in contact. Thanks again!

Very truly yours,

J.S.” (a client of Employment Readiness Initiative)

The Employment Readiness Initiative Program (ERI) offers a wide variety of vocational and supportive services to homeless individuals in Nassau County.  We work with participants to set up individualized employment plans that will assist them in becoming gainfully employed. Working in collaboration with homeless shelters in Nassau County, ERI helps individuals develop the necessary tools to obtain gainful employment through the use of employment assessments, job readiness training, job placement referrals and case management services.

Vocational Rehabilitation is a process in which individuals identify the skills they need in order to become employed in a career of their choice.  The ERI Program provides assistance specifically tailored to individual needs.  Individual or group counseling helps participants explore career interests through:

  • Resume Writing
  • Mock Interviews
  • Job Leads
  • Job Readiness Training
  • Job Placement
  • Educational Referrals
  • Computer, Telephone and Facsimilie Access

 ERI offers supportive services to compliment vocational services, such as:

  • Referrals to Mental Health, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services
  • Case Management
  • Referrals for Daycare


Download our brochure:Employment Readiness Initiative brochure

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