FEATURED STORY: “As a driver who recently finished driver’s education and will very soon have a license of her own I felt fortunate for having seen this presentation. It is imperative that young drivers understand their lack of experience and vulnerability when driving. Many teenagers believe that they are invincible behind the wheel; nevertheless, it’s important that we know that these terrible and fatal situations result from our own brief ignorance. After having viewed the presentation, I feel I can channel the concepts the speaker conveyed to aid my safety and that of others while driving. I will never text while driving. A few characters like “LOL” just are not worth my life or another person’s life.” – a participant in the Driving Equation Program

The Driving Equation Program helps cultivate and enforce positive driving skills and responsibilities among teens as well as establish a partnership between parent/guardian and their teen drivers through workshops. Our goal is to create collaboration between parents, teens and the community to help them understand the crucial role they play in preventing teen motor vehicle crashes and influence safe driving behaviors. Speakers present a comprehensive curriculum as well as speak from personal experiences about driving distractions. This program provides participants with educational information to develop safe driving habits as well as the tools needed to develop, promote, and advertise new teen driving campaigns in schools throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties.

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