“I was really upset when I was sentenced to perform 35 hours of community service. I thought I was going to be assigned to clean bathrooms or some other disgusting assignment. Instead, the intake specialist listened to my concerns, determined that I needed to work in a structured setting, and respectfully assigned me to work at a non-profit agency close to my home. Due to my performance at my community service worksite, I was offered a job at the end of my assignment.”

The Community Service Program is a cost-effective, safe and viable sentencing alternative for individuals 16 years of age and older who are willing, physically and mentally capable of making reparation for their “quality of life offenses” through their performance of community service. Since 2008, EAC Network has successfully operated a cost-effective, safe and viable community service program. Individuals are referred from the Office of the Nassau or Suffolk County District Attorney, Village Courts or from the Suffolk County Probation Department to make reparation for their crimes through the performance of community service. Through supervised work activities, program participants are providing communities with human resources that have improved the quality of life in public environments while obtaining new skills.

Over 8,000 individuals have successfully completed their community service assignments, serving at over 250 worksites. Community service is performed for public or not-for-profit corporations, associations, institutions or agencies.The emphasis of community service is not on punishment nor on rehabilitation; rather, it is on accountability. It focuses not on offenders’ needs but their strengths; not on their lack of insight but their capacity for responsibility; not on their vulnerability to social and psychological factors but their capacity to choose.

Download our brochure: Community Service brochure

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