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Featured Story of the Month

 “I’ve learned to be patient and not give up on myself. I also learned how to write up a resume, dress right for a job interview, how to prepare for a job interview, and how to act on a job interview. I learned all that stuff. EAC has prepared me for work and an opportunity to go to school an make something out of myself. I am so happy that there is a program like this cause it brought me back to life and gave me something to live for.” -A.D.

“My family had no faith in the person I had become; I was losing my wife and my son.  I saw myself as a broken man, unable to see the damage I had done to myself and to my family.  One of the opportunities offered to me was the Just for Dads program.  I knew that all I wanted was to be a great, responsible father.  Just for Dads staff connected me with the Green Jobs Corps training program which prepared me for the field that I am now working in.  My life was completely changed when I realized that the EAC staff actually cared about where I was headed.  It was wonderful to feel the positivity and support the EAC staff offered.  I am getting myself and my family back.   I couldn’t imagine where I would be if it hadn’t been for this program.” – V.C.

EAC Network offers a variety of vocational programs that assist individuals with multiple barriers to employment such as limited and/or no work experience, a history of substance abuse, mental health disorders or criminal history. Through its programs, EAC Network provides participants with the necessary skills to obtain and retain employment, enabling them to achieve self-sufficiency.