The EAC Network is a large not-for-profit agency that for over 40 years has been in the business of empowering people to take control of their lives and become contributing members of their communities.

EAC Network has approximately 350 full and part-time employees and 70 programs located on Long Island, New York City (Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn and the Bronx) and Rockland County.

Please explore our current job openings and send us your resume if you’re interested in becoming part of our team of dedicated and experienced professionals.  EAC Network offers competitive salaries, excellent benefits and opportunities for advancement.

Learn about Professional Development at EAC.

To apply for a position send your resume and cover letter via mail or e-mail to:

EAC Network
Employment/Human Resources
50 Clinton Street-Suite 107
Hempstead, NY  11550



Long Island Treatment Alternatives to Safer Communities Family Court (TASC) Case Manager Aide PT

Queens RNR Project Case Manager

Rockland MH Alternative to Incarceration.Psychologist

Vocational Services program. Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Stoplift-Anger Management Program.Bilingual Administrative Assistant

Brooklyn Forensic Intensive Case Management Program-Forensic Intensive Case Manager (FT)

Community Service Program Suffolk. Administrative Assistant

NYC TASC (Queens) Enhanced Employment Initiative.Employment Specialist (FT)

Suffolk Enhanced Supervised Visitation.Family Coach (FT)

Bronx Treatment Alternatives for Safer Communities (TASC) MH Forensic Case Manager

Brooklyn Forensic LINK Forensic Case Manager (FT)

ERASE (Education Rehabilitation and Support Enforcement) Case Manager (FT)

Marketing and Public Relations Specialist (PT)

Staten Island Behavioral Health Collaborative Clinical Case Manager (FT)

Development-Special Events Coordinator (PT)

Queens Justice & Mental Health Collaborative Case Manager Housing-Benefits (FT)

ERASE (Education Rehabilitation and Support Enforcement) Case Manager (PT)

Brooklyn Behavioral Health Collaborative Vocational Counselor Aide (FT)

Staten Island Court-based Intervention and Resource Team (CIRT) Peer Mentor (PT)

Brooklyn Outreach Team Leader.Health Home program

Queens Treatment Alternatives to Safer Communities (MH)-Supervisor

Teacher for Employment Readiness Initiative program (PT)

Suffolk Enhanced Supervised Visitation Family Coach (PT)

Senior Respite Companion (PT) 2015

AFY Peer Specialist (PT) 2015

Suffolk Supervised Visitation Visit Specialist (PT) 2015

Stoplift-Anger Management Program Screener (PT) 2015

Stoplift-Anger Management Program Group Facilitator (PT) 2015