Tina, who is now 18 years old, came into the AFY program due to smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol, running away, and staying out all night. In addition, she was cutting classes in school, failing several core subject classes, refusing to attend counseling and refusing to take prescription medication for depression. Tina completed AFY Phase 1 successfully. Referrals were made to the Sunshine Prevention Center for anger management and to Brentwood Mental Health Clinic for a psychiatric evaluation. Tina made a number of improvements and then was transferred to Family Service League (FSL) AFY aftercare program. Tina continued to make improvements in Phase 2 and willingly attended substance abuse counseling. This was a recommendation that was a result from her psychiatric evaluation. After the completion of her substance abuse program, FSL referred her to a more comprehensive therapeutic intervention called the Single Point of Access (SPOA) Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST) program. Tina received in-home individual and family therapy, medication management, and case management. Since her completion of the MST program, Tina is doing wonderfully. She has ceased all of the aforementioned behaviors; she attends school and is doing well. She is also the star of her high school’s Lacrosse team. She graduated high school in June, 2011 and has been accepted to a college on a scholarship. The entire wrap around services that were provided contributed to her success and everyone is very proud of her achievements.

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The Alternatives For Youth Program starts with immediate, home based, crisis intervention for familes. An AFY Case manager will attempt to contact a family within 24hrs of receipt of a referral from Probation and will offer to come to the home within 48 hrs after contacting them. While the AFY Case Manager is working with a family, we have an umbrella of services to help. It is a partnership between parents, the adolescent and the AFY Case Manager from day one.

AFY Case Managers conduct short-term interventions to stabilize the family crisis, implement a Family Intervention Plan, and link the family with community resources, which help provide ongoing support.

Sometimes an adolescent needs someone close to their age to guide them.  AFY has a group of male and female Peer Specialists working hard to engage your youth in positive recreational and educational activities.  This includes both one on one and group outings.  It can be as little as a one on one activity or as big as touring NYC.

There is also a specialized peer group for young women.  The H.E.R.S. (Helping Each other Reach Success) group focuses on teaching adolescent girls to make healthy choices in their life.

The Boys to Men Group works with adolescent boys transitioning them into manhood. The group focuses on the journey of building strong character to improve their life skills.

Parent Support Program

Families are typically in crisis because they have specialized issues that parents need more help in addressing.  AFY’s Parent Resource Manager conducts trainings to empower parents and enable them to better handle their family’s needs.

  • Calendars of all the trainings will be given and reviewed during the intake with the AFY Case Manager.
  • In-home parenting support is available for parents that do not have transportation or have specialized needs.

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